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Golf in Belek/Turkey


2012 World Amateur Golf Championship in Belek,Turkey

An Important Event for the Future of Turkish Golf

Following the establishment of the Turkish Golf Federation in 1996, Turkish golf made great progress in thirteen years. Turkish golfers coming together under the roof of the Federation had a chance to watch and play with many players from various countries during the tournaments organized.

With more than 70 national and international tournaments, 4500 licensed players out of which 3500 are young players under the age of 18 and children and developed facilities, trainings and infrastructure studies, The Turkish Golf Federation played an important role in Turkey's being most rapidly developing golf country in Europe.

As a result of these important developments, a new door is opened for Turkish golf given the chance of hosting 2012 World Amateur Team Championship.

Turkey has a huge potential for golf sport with a population of 70 million a big part of which consists of young people. 2012 World Amateur Team Championship to be organized within a period when greater attention is paid to golf sport will not only provide a competitive environment for players but also will serve as a turning point for improvement of Turkish golf.

Around 1500 players and a large number of spectators out of which 3500 are foreign guests will participate in 2012 World Amateur Team Championship which will attract the attention of sports world to Turkey. Thus, this event is of great importance for not only young golf lovers but also other countries which are candidate for international events.

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