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What is Title Deed(TAPU)

WHAT IS TAPU (Title Deed)?

A TAPU is a legal document which shows you have ownership rights over the property. The owner’s full name and photograph, and detailed information on the asset are written on this document called TAPU or TAPU SENEDI inTurkish. Once property is sold, the Title Deed is transferred from the seller to the buyer and that concludes the sale. So When you buy, puchase any real estate such as apartment, villa, plot, land in Turkey, you have to take the TAPU(TTitle Deed) from land registray Office of the relevant area where the property is. Before you receive your Tapu, following information may help you what everything means on Tapu.

Turkish Republic Title Deed

A-) Description Location and codastral coardinates of the mainland.

1.Fotograf: The Picture of all owners are to be suffixed to the top-right of the TAPU, it has to be sealed with a stamp and signed by the TAPU officer. Province

3.ilce: District, town

4.Mahalle: Quarter

5.Koyu: Village

6.Sokak: Street, avenue

7.Mevkii: Place

8.Pafta No: Pafta number

9.Ada no: Plat no

10.Parsel No: Parcel number

11.Niteligi: Feature (whether it is a building, land, vacant lando r cultivated land)

12.Yuzolcumu: Area, size of the land (summation of the figures shown fort he three pametries below should add up to the total size of the mainland.)

13.Ha: Hectare (10.000m2)

14.m2: Meter square

15.dm2: decimeter square

B)Type of Tapu(Title Deed):

The signed box from one of these choices shows what kind of title deed you have.

1.Kat Mulkiyeti: Ownership of the independent unit which is ready use (flat, house, Office, etc.) built on the mainland.

2.Kat irtifaki: Ownership of the independent unit which is not ready for use yet (either because of on going development/construction work or due the fact that usage permit from the municipality has not been get yet.

3.Devremulk: Fractional/ timed ownership( the indepent unit is owned just for a certain of a year.

C-) Bagimsiz Bolum:

Information about the independent unit (the prpspect subject to the use as a flat, house) on the mainland.

1.Satis Bedeli: Actual purchase price of the property.

2.Arsa Payi: Land share (what proportion of the land belongs to the independent unit)

3.Blok no: Block(building, lodge, court, house number)

4.Kat No: Floor No

5.Bagimsiz Blok No: Independent unit number

6.Edinme Sebebi: The reason why the property is being acquried(from who to whom the property has been sold and any other relevent explanation.

7.Sahibi: Name(s) of the current owner(s). More than one person can own the same property. In this case, their respective shares places are to be shown in this section. The respective shares are illustrated in terms of the proportion of the mainland.

D) This sections at the bottom of the Tapu are for official use only. The tapu has to be sealed with a stamp in the central at the bottom and this section has to be signed by a Tapu officer.

‘’ Whether a property does belong to a person can be checked through the pictures and names appearing on the Tapu.’’.

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